Room #identities
While we were part of the 1st Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue, we spent much time discussing the meaning of “identity” and whether there is a Baltic Identity or not. This helped us to find our five subtopics of “Identities” and gave us ideas of pictures representing the identity issue on the borderline. We were guided through Narva by two young Narvonians who led us to churches and other places of the city for us to take pictures. Our group tried to find traces of identities of the region in both Narva and Ivangorod and found it. It’s obvious that the identity issue of this place affects the people, history and future of the area. After we walked through the cities we had a look at our pictures and started our work by filtering, finding titles, descriptions, and just worked as a team.
Our pictures, 15 from Narva and 15 from Ivangorod, are filtered with “Mayfair” which was used to make the images lighter, and “Hudson” to make them darker and a deeper in blue colour. The effects of these filters strengthened the emotions we wanted to express through them.