Room #identities
The question of identity is so sophisticated yet important to all of us since it is always changing not only one individual person in comparison to another but also within ourselves throughout the time. We all are in the constant state of looking for it, trying to figure it out and we never really get there. The picture seen by you reflects the various parts of our identities that already exist and that we strive to express. The space above is a symbol for the ambition to explore further parts of our identities and to extend it in a certain direction.
The mission of this room is to question the existence of common identities in the Baltic region, relating to the situation in Narva and Ivangorod. We tried to find and follow their different tracks and traces on both sides of the border, to highlight the similarities they share and how they have been and will be influenced by their proximity. We expressed our thoughts based on the results of this investigation regarding to the question, if there is a Baltic identity and how our outcome fits it. By this we have found different aspects of identity such as the past, the future, family and friends, languages and religion and what it really means to each and every one of us.