Room #ourgeneration
Looking back, we highly enjoyed the work of our group. As soon as we got the tasks, everyone was eager to share his or her opinion about it. Doing our excursions in Narva/Invangorod, every member of the group was responsible for taking pictures of whatever met their eye. We visited some places on the Estonian side of the Narva River, including the Youth Center, Soccer Stadium, and the Narva College to get a greater picture of the two neighbouring cities. In order to get an idea of the reality of the youth in this particular area, we tried to talk to as many young people as possible. Doing these interviews we learned a lot about their world. It was a whole new experience for all of us to explore the foreign cities. After crossing the border to Russia, we went to the market place, the Ivangorod fortress, and the school in which an election took place. Later on, we discussed our results in the hostel and talked about our interpretation. The ones taking the pictures were also responsible for editing them on Instagram. As an example, the use of black and white filters would emphasize feelings such as fear and sadness, while more vivid ones would underline more positive feelings. We really liked using Instagram, because it was an easy program to work with.