Room #sharedpast
Our mission was to show how the Baltic Sea states are so much more than just the area directly around the sea. The states share history, identity and culture. Through the different pictures we are portraying the lasting effect of the past in Narva and Ivangorod. We started the work with a lot of difficulties.
At first we were confused about how to portray the past without taking pictures of monuments. The more the work progressed, the clearer our vision of the final product became.
All four of us worked well and collaborated. We worked with different angles and discussed what would be the best way to emphasise the message of the pictures.
Some of the angles were more important than others. For our group picture that represents the shared way from the past into the future, we used the angle to emphasize that the journey of our life goes on.
Time management was an issue that we needed to work on. We had some stressful moments, but we overcame them by collaborating together. While choosing the filters we thought about the important point of the pictures, which needed to be emphasized, and what filter would present them the best. In images with darker themes the filters added to the gravity of the topic, whereas the scheme of colour was lighter in images portraying the more positive aspects of the life in Narva and Ivangorod.